MN Property Tax Refund

You may be eligible for a 2020 property tax refund based on your household income and the property taxes or rent paid on your residence. 

You are eligible for a special refund if your taxes went up by more than 12% and the increase is at least $100.

Bring in or send us a copy of your 2021 Property Tax Statements (Homeowners) or 2020 Form CRP (Renters).

We will check for refunds; it doesn't cost anything if you don't qualify or if your refund is under $50.

Refund checks will be mailed beginning:

  • Renters - Mid August
  • Homeowners - September 30   (if filed by August 1)

We may be able to get your statement if you can not locate it.  Call us if you want us to compute your refund.

To check on your property tax refund, go to Where's my MN Refund